Easy Fit Classic Harness with Adjustable Strap  Closure
Product Description

The Tre Ponti Easy Fit Classic Harness is lightweight, hypoallergenic, odour proof, waterproof and suitable for small to medium size dogs.

Most importantly all Tre Ponti harnesses unique fit removes pressure from the throat, trachea and spine.

Minimal footprint step-in design makes it easy to put on and remove.

Multi-layer material glides over your pet and will not easily collect fur or cause matting.

Adjustable strap closure eliminates pulling and gives a comfortable & secure fit.

With the ability to open and close the strap, it can be an excellent choice for puppies,  young dogs and cats who need a harness that grows with them.

Reflective trim with exceptional visibility is perfect for night walks or low-light conditions.

Designed and Made in Italy

    Please note: All harnesses should be checked regularly for wear and tear. It is better to remove the harness when the pet is resting or playing.

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